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What is an Energy Performance Cretificate (EPC)?
In 2007 the Government introduced a scheme to record how energy efficient and environmental competent your property is. This ensured that the government complied with the Energy Performance of Building Directives (EPBD).

You are no longer allowed to sell or rent your property if you have not ordered or possess an up to date Energy Performance Certificate. They provide the owner or landlord with a record of the level of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions that are present in the building.

The information is gathered from an inspection of key items in your property, such as hot water tanks, domestic boilers, double glazing etc. These details are processed by using a rating table from A to G (A being very efficient).

An Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years, however, if changes are made within this period, an up to date amended certificate is advised.

Together with the Energy Performance Certificate we will also attach a relative recommendation report. This is a detailed list on how to convert your property into a cost effective building with lower fuel bills and low or zero rated carbon generated systems by following the stated proposals. The certificate will also include a rating information schedule, and this will show you how these recommendations will increase your energy efficiency levels to a higher grade making the sale or renting of your property more appealing.

A green deal scheme has now been developed whereby the costs that you incur to improve your rating and energy levels can be offset from the savings on your fuel and household bills.

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